About us


Stalmer Company was established in February 2009 and since then is growing rapidly . At the beginning we started from a heat-resistant steel and boiler steel trade and services . After a year we moved to Bytom, where we have office and a warehouse nowadays. We are trying to expand our stock pulling off both, heat-resistant materials and boiler steel products directly from the manufacturers. We participate in repairs of power plants, ironworks, coking plants and waterworks. We also bake different elements as well as we are folding/bending metal pipes under the order.


In 2013 we established cooperation with a sports club Spartan Chorzów which as far as possible we try to sponsor. We also sponsor Witold Liska, the club's player in the MMA Master, where he got to semifinals.


Customer satisfaction is our priority so we are making every order as soon as possible . We care about the quality of our services.


We re looking forward to cooperate with you !



Stalmer Silesia

41-909 Bytom, ul. Ostatnia 3

woj. śląskie

NIP: 6412429520

tel/fax 32 281 60 88

+48 519 088 182

+48 514 407 555

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