Made from high-quality steel. Heat-resistant pipes proves properties characteristic of this alloy so the heat resistance and creep resistance. With resistance to gases at high temperature (which usually leads to corrosion and other damage to the surface) are widely used in various industries - steel, mechanical and others. They can be used for example for the production of chimney liners, as well as to perform the thermocouples ( used as temperature sensors), boilers, and pyrometer to measure the temperature.


We offer seamless pipes according to EN 10216-5 in the range of sizes:

  • outer diameter - 4,0 - 655,0 mm,
  • wall thickness - 0,1 - 86,0 mm.

Our suppliers have the Pressure Equipment Directive PED 97/23/WE.


Welded tubes EN 10217-7 in the range of sizes :

  • outer diameter - 4,0 - 2200,0 mm,
  • wall thickness - 0,10 - 35,0 mm.


We wrap them within 14 days. The typical grades1.4845 , 1.4833 , 1.4841 , 1.4828 , 1.4762 and others.

In accordance with the technical requirements of the device there is the possibility of cutting each tube to the desired size .